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Adictel Terms of Use
By using this site you agree to abide ADICTEL conditions of use and navigation defined below.

1. Data Confidentiality

The personal database established at the time of the subscribtion in ADICTEL site is confidential. ADICTEL also guarantees the confidentiality of personal data (names, email addresses and passwords) when registering for its services (website, program limitations, discussion forums, blogs, e-mail inquiries line). In accordance with the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, all users have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete data. ADICTEL can not guarantee the privacy or erasure of personal data voluntarily posted by the user in the public areas of the forum, blogs, chats, or in private messages. ADICTEL can not be held responsible for the "spam" suffered by the forum users who have voluntarily and spontaneously decided to publish their email address online. In accordance with the law in the Trust in the Digital Economy of 21 June 2004, data that will enable identification of users (including IP addresses) involved with creating content on the website are ADICTEL owned and maintained by ADICTEL. Non-personal statistical data (eg number of unique visitors, page views per user on average) were analyzed by ADICTEL to know the usage patterns of ADICTEL website in order to improve the editorial content and community and to inform the advertisers, or institutional. The automatic identification of users for direct access to discussion forums ADICTEL without having to reenter the username and password for each connection requires the establishment of a cookie. Cookies attached to the links in the newsletter are not transferable and can only know the number of clicks for each user. Cookies allow external advertising related to package their advertising campaigns to avoid excessive repetition ADICTEL on the website. There is no personalized tracking on the web site ADICTEL (IP, cookies).

The site is registred to the CNIL N°1446013 ( commision for personals data protections )

2. The use and the navigation on the ADICTEL's site must respect the laws and regulations

"You are advised that all laws and regulations shall apply on the Internet. As such, when you use services on the site ADICTEL and when you surf the site ADICTEL, it is your responsibility to comply with all applicable regulations following, including: • The rules on copyright and industrial property such as multimedia creations, software, text, articles, photographs, trademarks, database, pictures of any kind. ADICTEL company and in some cases their partners, own the full rights of intellectual and industrial property on the site's content of ADICTEL. As such, you are reminded that all entries concerning the existence of rights can not be deleted and all reproduction, total or partial unauthorized constitute acts of infringement. In addition, you are forbidden to perform qualitatively or quantitatively a substantial extraction of databases posted on the site ADICTEL, or using these databases in an abnormal case. - The rules for automated processing of personal data. - The rules of public policy, such as for example the regulation of pornographic, racist or illegal which might impair the integrity or sensitivity to another user or brand ADICTEL through messages, texts or images challenging. - Rules relating to respect for individual privacy, users connected on the site ADICTEL or third parties. As such you agree that you will not disseminate in interactive services that are offered messages of an abusive, insulting, derogatory, degrading or unrelated to the issues. - The rules governing the right of the press. As such, it is your responsibility to refrain from slander or insult anyone, surfer or connected third parties. - The regulations regarding computer fraud. As such, please refrain from trying to break into a system of automated data processing or impair, totally or partially the elements it contains. You are advised that such acts are punishable. More particularly, in the context of interactive services, ADICTEL reserves the right to delete immediately and without prior notice any content of any nature whatsoever, including any messages, photographs or graphics that violate the laws and regulations force, namely regulations described above. "

3. Hyperinks on ADICTEL

The establishment of a hyperlink to ADICTEL requires prior authorization by ADICTEL. You must therefore contact our Webmaster. ADICTEL is not responsible for the content, information, products and services offered on sites that are the subject of a hyperlink from the site ADICTEL. Specifically, the responsibility of ADICTEL under direct or indirect damages such as loss of customers, lawsuits, any commercial problems, loss of brand image, loss of profits, can not be sought either under the quality and / or specifications of products and services sold by affiliates, or in respect of payment transactions made on those sites.

4. The management of passwords

"You are responsible for the safekeeping of passwords assigned to you for access and implementation of restricted access services offered by ADICTEL. It is your responsibility to implement the precautionary and safety measures to protect your password and login. In case of loss or theft of your password and / or login, or if you become aware of the use of your password and your login by an unauthorized third party, you should immediately contact us. In this framework, you can: In this framework, you can: • Or apply for replacement of your passwords and login if there is risk that they are used by third parties. • solicit or secure restitution of your passwords and login. Only ADICTEL service manager has the authority to restore your passwords and login, and within a securized procedure as a result of your request. You are also advised that if during a period of three years, you do not use services that are offered by ADICTEL under your subscription to the club ADICTEL, you agree that your subscription be deleted, and your passwords and login. ADICTEL not be held responsible for unauthorized use of your password and your login by a third party who would come to steal you."

5. Security

"You acknowledge that, notwithstanding all the means employed by the company ADICTEL, the Internet presents specific techniques that make it impossible for ADICTEL to ensure absolute continuity of service access and response times, and the Security in data transmission. In any event, you acknowledge that the information and services offered on the ADICTEL site : • may be suspended in cases of force majeure or beyond the control ADICTEL or facts not under the responsibility of ADICTEL, • may contain human or technicals errors • may induce to occasinoal loss of data."

6. Warranty

n general, ADICTEL does not guarantee the completeness, accuracy and completeness of information content and services offered on the site ADICTEL, the company ADICTEL is bringing all available resources to provide Internet users with a quality content. In all cases, the responsibility of ADICTEL, one of its partners or employees may be sought under your use of information and services offered on the site and / or your browsing . You are committed to complying with all legal requirements and regulations, particularly those mentioned in this charter.

7. General rules

ADICTEL reserves the right to modify the provisions of this charter. By continuing to use the site and navigate ADICTEL, you accept the changes that are occurring as well.This Charter expresses the commitment of all parties, no general or specific condition contained in other documents may be considered integrated in the scope of rights and obligations between ADICTEL and If one or more provisions of this charter invalid for any reason whatsoever the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect. In case of difficulty of interpretation between any of the titles and clauses to which they relate, the issue will be declared as non-existent. These conditions are governed by French law for substantive rules and procedural requirements.